My Top 5 Baking Books

Hello Everyone! I would firstly like to say I’m sorry for not posting in what seems like ages but I have been in America on a school music trip, I had the most amazing time but unfortunately there wasn’t an opportunity for me to blog! As you have probably realised from the title of this post, this is something something slightly different to my usual ‘bake per week’ blog post. My kitchen at home is currently being rebuilt with exciting new work surfaces and appliances so sadly I haven’t been able to bake in about a month!! So this week I thought I would still do a blog post and do a mini review of each of my 5 favourite baking books, hope you all like it!

Number 5

John whaite Bakes: recipes for every day and every mood

My Dad recently found this book for £3 in a small bookshop and so he bought it as a small present for me and I’m so glad he did!  I spent at least an hour yesterday bookmarking all of the things I want to bake and discovered so many exciting recipes I can’t wait to try. This book contains  recipes ranging in difficulty from super easy to more complicated and impressive bakes so it is ideal for those, like me, who want to stretch their baking ability and also love baking from classic and easy recipes. John Whaite has split the book into thematic sections based on difficulty and mood, this really stood out for me compared to the usual books divided into types of baking. A few recipes I’m eager to try are the ‘Apple and Oat Fritters’ and the ‘Self-Saucing Chocolate Mud Pud’ they just look so tasty and really quick to make, so I’ll let you know how they go and they might possibly make it onto my blog!

Number 4

The Genuine American Cookie & Muffin Book by Peter Shaffer

This book is so helpful for baking super tasty cookies, brownies and muffins and I use it all the time despite having had it so many years. One thing I really like about this book is that it focusses on just a few different things, rather than covering every baking style in one book, this means it uses similar recipes with different flavour combinations. I found it so useful for when I first started baking as it helped me understand how you can adapt a recipe to get completely new bakes. The ‘Mocha Squares’ recipe on my blog is from this book and it is probably one of my favourite things to bake!

Number 3

Crumb:the Baking Book by Ruby Tandoh

I received this book for Christmas and love it so much! Ruby was my favourite contestant during Series 4 of GBBO because I loved her new flavour combinations and rustic style of baking. This book contains all of that unique style and really presents a new take on some baking classics. Something I really need to experiment with is flavour combinations and this book is full of them, so, as with John Whaite’s book I have bookmarked some new recipes to try out in the near future. One of these is the ‘Morning Muffins’, which look perfect for breakfast or a mid-morning break, they each have a segment of grapefruit which I am obsessed with at the moment so these muffins are ideal for me.

Number 2

How To Bake By Paul Hollywood

This is actually my Dad’s book but I think it deserves a place in my top baking books because I have used it quite a few times and love it. This book is predominantly about baking bread, pastries and pies, things I don’t usually bake so therefore it has been really helpful for when I have wanted to try new things out. Paul goes into detail about the various types of breads and the processes used to bake them, this particularly useful for a complete bread novice like me, who didn’t know the difference between a sourdough and a soda bread until they read this book. This year I aim to bake more bread and experiment with sweet doughs so this book will be really handy for starting out.

Number 1

Mary Berry’s Baking Bible

Who could go at the top of my list if not Mary Berry Queen of baking? This book is aptly called the ‘Baking Bible’ and there simply is no other way to describe it! It is definitely the most useful baking book I own, containing so many different baking classics such as a Victoria Sandwich and Blueberry Muffins, I honestly do not know what I would do without it! It combines a range of recipes from Mary’s many cook books, becoming a collection of Mary’s best-loved recipes. Mary Berry is my baking inspiration and I think this book was my first baking book that wasn’t borrowed off my parents, so therefore it is my number one baking book!

I hope you liked this post, it was a bit different and I actually really enjoyed writing something more personal for a change! Please let me know whether you liked this more chatty post because I am keen on writing similar lifestyle baking posts in the future.

P.S. I should be back next week with a baking post from my brand new kitchen!!